Bibliography of F S Brereton

The Books of F S Brereton

By my reckoning, there are 45 adventure books written by F. S. Brereton and three non-fiction books. I have attempted to list them all in the tables below, indicating the English title, date shown on the title page and illustrator.

Table 1. shows all a list of 45 of the Brereton adventure titles published between 1889 and 1931. They were all published by Blackie and Son, unless otherwise indicated.

1With Shield and Assegai1899Stanley Wood
2In the King’s Service 1900Stanley Wood
3With Rifle and Bayonet1901Wal Paget
4A Gallant Grenadier1901Wal Paget
5The Dragon of Pekin1902William Rainey
6Under the Spangled Banner1902Paul Hardy
7One of the Fighting Scouts1903Stanley Wood
8In the Grip of the Mullah 1904Charles Sheldon
9Foes of the Red Cockade1904William Rainey
10A Hero of Lucknow 1905William Rainey
11With the Dyaks of Borneo 1905Fritz Bergen
12A Soldier of Japan 1906Stanley Wood
13A Knight of St. John 1906William Rainey
14With Roberts to Candahar 1906William Rainey
15Roger the Bold 1907Stanley Wood
16With Wolseley to Kumasi 1907Gordon Browne
17Jones of the 64th 1908William Rainey
18Roughriders of the Pampas 1908Stanley Wood
19How Canada Was Won 1909William Rainey
20John Bargreave’s Gold1910Charles Sheldon
21A Hero of Sedan 1910Stanley Wood
22Tom Stapleton 1911Gordon Browne
23Indian and Scout 1911Cyrus Cuneo
24The Great Aeroplane 1911Edward Hodgson
25The Hero of Panama 1912William Rainey
26Under the Chinese Dragon 1912 Charles Sheldon
27A Boy of the Dominion 1913William Rainey
28King of Ranleigh (S. Partridge pub)1913Ernest Prater
29Kidnapped by Moors 1913Edward Hodgson
30With Wellington in Spain 1914William Rainey
31The Great Airship 1914C. M. Padday
32With French at the Front1914Arch. Webb
33On the Field of Waterloo1915John de Walton
34Under French’s Command 1915Arch. Webb
35With Joffre at Verdun1916Arch. Webb
36With Our Russian Allies 1916Wal Paget
37At Grips with the Turk 1916Wal Paget
38On the Road to Bagdad 1917Wal Paget
39Under Haig in Flanders 1917J.E. Sutcliffe
40From the Nile to the Tigris  1917Frank Gillett
41The Armoured-Car Scouts 1918Arch. Webb
42Under Foch’s Command 1918Wal Paget
43With Allenby in Palestine 1920Frank Gillett
44With the Allies to the Rhine 1920Frank Gillett
45Scouts of the Baghdad Patrols (Cassell pub)1931Stanley Wood
Table 1. Adventure books by F S Brereton

Brereton also wrote three non-fiction books. These are listed below in Table 2.

The Great War and the RAMCConstable and Company1919
Clothing: An Account of Its Types and ManufactureB T Batsford1931
Hemel Hempstead Through the AgesHertfordshire Newspapers Ltd1938
Table 2. Non-fiction books by F.S. Brereton

The two lists presented in these tables are my first steps in the preparation of a full bibliography of F S Brereton, which will be eventually published on this site.