My list of Pelican books

My early Pelicans

This is a list of the early Pelican books that I have collected over the last 40 years or so.
The list is presented as a complete list of books, with the ones I have in first Pelican edition in blue, the ones I have in Pelican reprint in brown and the ones I still am searching for in purple.

First 200


A 1.       The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism, etc I  : George Bernard Shaw
A 2.       The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism, etc II : George Bernard Shaw
A 3.       Last and First Men: Olaf Stapledon
A 4.       Digging Up the Past: Sir Leonard Woolley
A 5.       A Short History of the World: H.G. Wells
A 6.       Practical Economics: G.D.H. Cole
A 7.       Essays in Popular Science: Julian Huxley
A 8.       The Floating Republic: Dobree and Manwaring
A 9.       A History of the English People I: Elie Halevy
A 10.     The Mysterious Universe: Sir James Jeans
A 11.     The Great Victorians I
A 12.     The Inequality of Man: J.B.S. Haldane
A 13.     Liberty in the Modern State: Harold J. Laski
A 14.     Social Life in the Insect World: J.H. Fabre
A 15.     The Growth in Civilisation: W.J. Perry
A 16.     A History of the English People II: Elie Halevy
A 17.     A Book of English Poetry: ed. G.B. Harrison
A 18.     After the Deluge: Leonard Woolf
A 19.     Medieval People: Eileen Power
A 20.     Vision and Design: Roger Fry


A 21.     An Outline of the Universe I: J.G. Crowther
A 22.     An Outline of the Universe II: J.G. Crowther
A 23.     Religion and the Rise of Capitalism: R.H. Tawney

A 24.     Psychopathology of Everyday Life: Sigmund Freud
A 25.     Only Yesterday I: Frederick Lewis Allen
A 26.     Only Yesterday II: Frederick Lewis Allen
A 27.     Ur of the Chaldees: Sir Leonard Woolley
A 28.     Civilization: Clive Bell
A 29.     Limitations of Science: J.W.N. Sullivan
A 30.     A History of the English People 3: Elie Halevy

A 31.     My Apprenticeship I: Beatrice Webb
A 32.     My Apprenticeship II: Beatrice Webb
A 33.     Totem and Taboo: Sigmund Freud
A 34.     Science and the Modern World: A.N. Whitehead

A 35.     The Great Victorians 2
A 36.     The Common Reader: Virginia Woolf
A 37.     Socialism in Evolution: G.D.H. Cole
A 38.     Art in England: ed. R.S. Lambert
A 39.     The Century’s Poetry 1837-1937 I: ed. D. Kilham Roberts
A 40.     The Century’s Poetry 1837-1937 II: ed. D. Kilham Roberts


A 41.     We Europeans: Huxley, Haddon & Carr-Saunders
A 42.     The Bases of Modern Science: J.W.N. Sullivan
A 43.     Introducing Shakespeare: G.B. Harrison
A 44.     Thinking to Some Purpose: L. Susan Strebbing
A 45.     The Economics of Inheritance: Josiah Wedgwood
A 46.     The Letters of Gertrude Bell (Part 1)
A 47.     Belief in God: Bishop Gore
A 48.     Lord Shaftesbury: J.L. & Barbara Hammond

A 49.     Mutual Aid: P. Kropotkin
A 50.     A History of the English People (Epilogue: 1895-1905: Book 1): Elie Halevy
A 51.     Essays of a Biologist: Julian Huxley
A 52.     A History of the English People (Epilogue: 1895-1905: Book 2): Elie Halevy
A 53.     Philosophy and Living 1: Olaf Stapledon
A 54.     Philosophy and Living 2: Olaf Stapledon
A 55.     Letters of Gertrude Bell (Part 2)

A 56.     Belief and Action: Viscount Samuel
A 57.     Great English Short Stories: ed. John Hampden
A 58.     The Eighteen Nineties: Holbrook Jackson

A 59.     The Stars in their Courses: Sir James Jeans
A 60.     Working-Class Wives: Margery Spring Rice


A 61.     An Introduction to Modern Architecture: J.M. Richards
A 62.     What is Art?: D.S. MacColl
A 63.     Inventions: H. Stafford Hatfield
A 64.     Great English Short Stories II: ed. John Hampden
A 65.     The Childhood of Animals: Sir Peter Chalmers-Mitchell
A 66.     Town Planning: Thomas Sharp
A 67.     Primitive Art: Leonhard Adam
A 68.     You and Music: Christian Darnton
A 69.     A History of the English People (Epilogue: 1895-1905: Book 3):Elie Halevy
A 70.     The Expanding Universe: Sir Arthur Eddington
A 71.     The Physiology of Sex: Kenneth Walker
A 72.     A Short History of English Literature: B. Ifor Evans

A 73.     Man, Microbe, Malady: Dr. John Drew
A 74.     British Scientists of the Nineteenth Century 1: J.G. Crowther
A 75.     Watching Birds: James Fisher
A 76.     An Anthology of Animal Poetry: Kenneth Mason
A 77.     Forever Freedom: ed. J. Wedgewood & A. Nevins
A 78.     The Personality of Animals: H. Munro Fox
A 79.     The Poets and their Critics: Hugh Sykes Davies
A 80.     Plastics: V.E. Yarsley & E.G. Couzens


A 81.     New Writing in Europe: John Lehmann
A 82.     European Painting and Sculpture: Eric Newton
A 83.     Great English Short Stories II: ed. John Hampden
A 84.     The Scientific Attitude: C.H. Waddington
A 85.     Cine-Biology: Durden, Field & Smith
A 86.     The Chinese: Winifred Galbraith
A 87.     British Scientists of the 19th Century 2: J.G. Crowther
A 88.     Science and Everyday Life: J.B.S Haldane
A 89.     Comparative Religion: A.C. Bouquet
A 90.     Lives of the Great Composers 1: Ed. A.L. Bacharach


A 91.     Lives of the Great Composers 2: Ed. A.L. Bacharach
A 92.     Lives of the Great Composers 3: Ed. A.L. Bacharach
A 93.     The Centuries’ Poetry (Pope to Keats): Ed. D. Kilham Roberts
A 94.     English Justice: ‘Solicitor’
A 95.     Words and Deeds: H.W. Nevinson

A 96.     An Anthology of Religious Verse: Ed. Norman Nicholson
A 97.     An Anthology of Canadian Poetry: Ed. Ralph Gustafson
A 98.     An Anthology of War Poetry: Ed. Julian Symons
A 99.     A Book of English Essays: Ed. W.E. Williams

A 100.   Explosives: John Read

A 101.   Men of America: Lionel Elvin
A 102.   Human Physiology: Kenneth Walker
A 103.   Adventures of Ideas: A.N. Whitehead
A 104.   Famous American Men of Science 1: J.G. Crowther

A 105.   Famous American Men of Science 2: J.G. Crowther
A 106.   Britain B.C.: S.E. Winbolt

A 107.   Music in England: Eric Blom
A 108.   What Happened in History: V. Gordon Childe
A 109.   An Outline of European Architecture: Nikolaus Pevsner

A 110.   Rutherford of Nelson: Ivor B. Evans


A 111.   Soviet Science: J.G. Crowther
A 112.   The Growth of Science: A.P. Rossiter
A 113.   The Biological Control of Insects: Hugh Nicol
A 114.   A Short History of French Literature: Laurence Bisson
A 115.   Prehistoric Britain: Jacquetta & Christopher Hawkes
A 116.   The Rebirth of Christianity: Stanley Cook

A 117.   Growing Up in New Guinea: Margaret Mead
A 118.   Narrative Poems of the Late 19th Century: Ed. H.A. Treble
A 119.   Beyond the Microscope: Kenneth M. Smith

A 120.   The Ancient World: T.R. Glover
A 121.   Mathematician’s Delight: W.W. Sawyer
A 122.   Ballet: Arnold Haskell
A 123.   Minerals in Industry: W.R. James
A 124.   The Weather: G.H. Kimble
A 125.   Metals in the Service of Man: Jacquetta & A. Street & W. Alexander
A 126.   Film: Roger Manwell
A 127.   Coming of Age in Samoa: Margaret Mead
A 128.   Geology in the Service of Man: W.G. Fearnsides & O.M.B. Bulman
A 129.   Democratic Ideals and Reality: Halford J. Mackinder
A 130.   Interglossa: Lancelot Hoghen
A 131.   English Diaries of the 19th Century: Ed. James Aitken
A 132.   The Second Common Reader: Virginia Woolf
A 133.   The ABC of Psychology: C.K. Ogden


A 134.   Britain Under the Romans: S.E. Winbolt
A 135.   Civilization, Science and Religion: A.D. Ritchie
A 136.   An Autobiography: R.G. Collingwood
A 137.   A Survey of Russian Music: M.D. Calvocoressi
A 138.   The American Character: Margaret Mead

A 139.   The Physical Basis of Personality: V.H. Mottram
A 140.   The Managerial Revolution: James Burnham
A 141.   Why Smash Atoms: A.K. Solomon
A 142.   Greek Science: Benjamin Farrington
A 143.   Life in Shakespeare’s England: John Dover Wilson

A 144.   An Introduction to the Bible: Stanley Cook
A 145.   Philosophy and the Physicists: Susan Stebbing
A 146.   Persons and Periods: G.D.H. Cole
A 147.   Animal Camouflage: E.M. Stephenson

A 148.   Psychology and World Order: Ranyard West
A 149.   Grow Up – and Live: Eustace Chesser
A 150.   Opera: Edward J. Dent
A 151.   Reading for Profit: Montgomery Belgion
A 152.   Education in England: W. Kenneth Richmond

A 153.   Common Wildflowers: John Hutchinson
A 154.   Microbes by the Millions: Hugh Nicol
A 155.   Plato and his Dialogues: G. Lowes Dickinson
A 156.   British Music of our Time: Ed. A.L. Bacharach
A 157.   The Science of Seeing: I. Mann & A. Pirie
A 158.   Juvenile Delinquency and the Law: A.E. Jones
A 159.   Land of the Soviets: James S. Gregory

A 160.   Climbing in Britain: J.E.Q. Barford


A 161.   Fishlore: A.F. Magri MacMahon
A 162.   Local Government in England and Wales: W. Eric Jackson
A 163.   English Letters of the XVIII Century: Ed. James Aitken
A 164.   English Letters of the XIX Century: Ed. James Aitken

A 165.   The Personality of Man: G.N.M. Tyrrell


A 166.   Glass through the Ages: E. Barrington Haynes
A 167.   William Temple and his Message: Canon A.E. Baker

A 168.   The Pyramids of Eygpt: I.E.S. Edwards
A 169.   John Citizen and the Law: Ronald Rubenstein
A 170.   Science and the Nation
A 171.   The Bleak Age: J.L. & Barbara Hammond
A 172.   A Short History of English Drama: B. Ifor Evans

A 173.   The World’s Wealth: W.G. Moore
A 174.   The Population of Britain: Eva M. Hubback
A 175.   Bird Recognition (1): James Fisher


A 176.   Bird Recognition (2): James Fisher
A 177.   Bird Recognition (3): James Fisher

A 178.   The Inventor and his World: H. Stafford Hatfield
A 179.   Genetics: H. Kalmus
A 180.   More Common Wild Flowers: J. Hutchinson
A 181.   Man, the Unknown: Alexis Carrel
A 182.   Russian Art: Tamara Talbot Rice
A 183.   British Herbs: Florence Ranson
A 184.   The Irish: Sean O’Faolain
A 185.   Geology and Scenery in England and Wales: A.E. Trueman


A 186.   Scientist in Russia: Eric Ashby
A 187.   Animals Without Backbones 1: Ralph Buchsbaum
A 188.   Animals Without Backbones 2: Ralph Buchsbaum

A 189.   The Life of Jesus: C.J. Cadoux
A 190.   Early Victorian Novelists: David Cecil
A 191.   Africa Emergent: W.M. MacMillan
A 192.   Greek Science 2: Benjamin Farrington
A 193.   The Size of the Universe: F.J. Hargreaves

A 194.   The Psychology of Sex: Oswald Schwarz
A 195.   Music Ho!: Constant Lambert

A 196.   The Romans: R.H. Barrow
A 197.   England in the 19th Century 1815-1914: David Thomson
A 198.   Before Philosophy: Frankfort, Frankfort, Wilson & Jacobsen
A 199.   The Archaeology of Palestine: W.F. Albright

A 200.   The Aztecs of Mexico: G.C. Vaillant

2 thoughts on “My list of Pelican books

  1. I am going through books that my in laws had. I am working my way through penguin and pelican books. I have just see. You do not have The managerial revolution. I have this, it also has ‘services edition’ on the cover.


    1. Hi Joady
      Thanks for the message. As you can see I am still looking for quite a few early Pelicans and Penguins. They are getting harder to find in decent condition, but that is not surprising when you realise that they are fragile paperbacks made often from poor quality paper and are between 60 and 85 years old, as most of the ones that I am after were published in the 1935-1960 time frame.

      I have several with the “Services Edition” mark on the covers and/or on the inside of the front cover. These were issued between 1940 and 1946 and were part of a ruse by Allen Lane to get a larger paper ration from the British government, as paper supply was a huge issue for the UK publishing industry during WW2. My lists are not completely up to date as I have acquired several more Penguins and Pelicans since I last updated, but I certainly stilldon’t have a copy of The Management Revolution (A 140 from 1944) yet. This seems to have been a popular title as it was reprinted several times into the 1960s. It will turn up one day.

      Best wishes


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